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Understanding disease

We create deep learning representations of cancer that uncover more profound insights than ever before.

Reinventing diagnostic medicine

Our largely unsupervised approaches will rebuild pathology from first principles and unlock previously inaccessible insights.


Eliminating Human Error

Automate tedious and error-prone tasks like cell counts and morphological analysis and do more of what humans excel at.

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Augmented Diagnosis

Receive insights on previously inaccessible features of patient biopsies, including information on the bone marrow niche.


Unprecedented Functionality

Advanced prognostics, therapy recommendation, relapse detection, biomarker discovery, and more.

Online demo coming soon.

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Andrew Leber

Andrew Leber

Andrew has experience in leukemia research and biomedical deep learning software development, as well as experience founding StrainBrain and the McMaster AI Society.

Clinton Campbell

Dr. Clinton Campbell, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Clinton has over a decade of experience as a practicing hematopathologist, as well as a strong research background in blood cancers and world-class expertise in digital pathology.

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